trust me, i'm an artist

My role: Brand designer and front-end developer on behalf of Waag

"Trust me, I'm an Artist" is an EU project investigating the new ethical issues arising from art and science collaboration and consider the roles and responsibilities of the artists, scientists and institutions involved. I designed the logo, the website, helped develop the project’s look and feel, and consulted with project partners concerning the visual identity’s direction. I also acted as the content manager for the website, often posting, translating, and editing articles.

visual identity

I designed the overall brand identity for this project (the colors, the fonts, the logo). But something was missing...

To further develop the look and feel, myself and a (talented) colleague got together in an afternoon to brainstorm and shoot the promotional photos for this project. Luckily, the head of our WetLab let us borrow some contaminated petri dishes (thanks, Pieter). I'm not the best with a DSLR, so I aided with tweaking layout and generating ideas. I also held onto the wobbly chair she stood in so she wouldn't fall ;)

Sample from the Trust Me branding photoshoot. Photo via Waag

The Trust Me seal of approval. Photo via Waag

The Trust Me logo

The branding at the final Trust Me exhibition. Photo via Waag

the website

I also designed and built the website for this project. I consulted with one of the project leads and built a simple, clean WordPress theme.

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