My role: designer and front-end developer on behalf of Waag

The project, FabSchool, invites young makers in Amsterdam to participate in workshops to develop the creative problem-solving skills of the future. Children in the Amsterdam area can sign up for an after-school course at Waag's fablab to learn about basic electronics, coding, and other methods of hands-on learning. was an attempt to provide Dutch children outside Amsterdam with access to information about maker culture in their own language.

This was my very first project as an intern at Waag in 2014. It was also my first attempt at building a WordPress theme. I was very proud at the time ;)

fabschool's launch

This is a video of the website's launch event. You can see some pretty nice shots of the mobile site in action and get a feel for what the project was about.

Launch of

fabschool's homepage

The FabSchool website's homepage. The goal here was to make the design simple, yet inviting for our target audience: children in the Netherlands between the ages of 7-13. We chose to place the projects (color-coded by type) front and center for easy access.

fabschool's resources page

The FabSchool website's resource section.

fabschool's search page

The FabSchool website's search page.

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